Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Value Of A Handwritten Note XI

Recently, I began a relationship with a wonderful woman, who unfortunately lives a few hundred miles away from me right now. Presently, I stay at a Salvation Army with other military homeless veterans. This girl and I are able to speak on the phone, and chat on facebook, often

But my feelings for her go beyond these methods of communication. So, I began hand writing her letters, and I send these with a card in what is now referred to as snail mail.

I view this method of intimate communication at times a very under utilized form of sharing thoughts and feelings with another. I have not wrote letters in this way since high school, which was well before the advent of the internet.

In these letters I write to this amazing girl, I find myself sharing emotions more completely than sharing them in another way. I share my life with her, and I'm very thankful I'm able to do this with her. Here is one of those letters I sent to her, and I will continue to write her in this way as often as I can and wish:

Hi baby,

I decided to go to the Buffalo Brewery again today. And i'll probably have their ham and cheese sandwich, which is really good, and some fries.

It is still cool and rainy here today. My friends here are reminding me that it is much colder up there. but I have a coat and sweaters, along with jeans made for cold weather, so I should be fine.

I also have a new pair of boots, I got not long ago at what is called a stand down. A stand down is an event, where vets can go to a particular place, and get free stuff, which is usually clothes.

This last one I went to was at Warrenton, MO, which is about 60 miles west of where I live now. It's near Wentzville, which is where I lived before the ex had me evicted from my own home.

Anyway, it was a great day, the day me and other vets went to warrenton. The va charted a nice bus for us, that picked up up where we live.

So, at Warrenton, I got some sweatshirts, a blanked or quilt for my bed, and these boots. The boots were purchased for us at a nearby wal mart.

The rest of the stuff I got was at the event itself. Then after that, we went to a town called Wellsville, to drop off some people there. Wellsville is about 20 miles west of Warrenton, and I use to ride my bicycle there, for the ms 150.

The ms 150 is a 150 mile bicycle ride, that occurs on a weekend in September. it is to raise money for those with multiple sclerosis. about 2000 of us would ride from troy to Mexico, Mo, and back.

It is a lot of fun, that bicycle ride. bicyclists are very intense and addictive people. We'd get to Mexico, mo the first day, and they would have food and beer for us there.

And we would empty their beer truck within a couple of ours. then, we'd either camp out there in Mexico, or get a hotel room. I'd usually get a hotel room during that bicycle ride.

So, it's a 75 mile ride the first day, and we'd spend the night in mexico, and then ride back to troy, the next day. I really loved that bicycle ride.

i did that for about 10 years straight. I miss bicycling, and I hope to buy a bicycle once I am up there. In 1995, I rode across the state of missouri, with a few hundred people.

We did over 400 miles over an entire week, and camped out at state parks, during that trip. I did nave a couple of nice bicycles I use to ride all the time.

But those and everything else I owned were taken by my ex, when she decided to try and destroy me completely. So I decided to get chili here, instead of that sandwich, and it is really good.

This is a real comfortable and peaceful place, that also has great beer. Places like this are great escapes from the place I live, which is more or less like jail, except we get to have fresh air and smokes here.

Many people I stay with now spent a large part of their lives incarcerated, for one reason or another. With the people I live with, their social skills suck.

Most do not make an effort to know the names of those they live with, at the salvation army. They still think they are in prison, I suppose.

Myself, I know the first names of everyone I live with now. Most people I live with now seem to like and trust me. they think I'm a genius because I can read and write.

So far, I've helped quite a few with things such as cover letters and resumes. I'm glad they allow me to help them. With those long letters I write you, it's important to me that you know me as much as you can.

I really have no dark secrets in my life. Everything I've shared with you so far is the absolute truth. With what my ex did to me with the small army she recruited for that purpose, that could of made me into this very angry and bitter person.

Instead, and somehow, what she did to me has made me into a more loving and compassionate person. I'm glad I'm void of any anger or hatred about anything. this chili is really good.

And it goes good with the beer I now drink. I really hope, by the way, that the next 7 days go by quickly. I really am looking forward to my trip there.

I know this is the right thing for me to do. This is more or less a great love story, right? I now thank my magical notebook........

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