Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Perfect Weekend

My weekend with my girlfriend, ten weeks ago:

She picks me up at a certain location, I smile, and kiss and hug her. This was the first time she and I ever met in person. We met on this site this past Summer. I held her hand, as we walked to her car.

We drive to steak and shake, and laugh with the waitresses there. We immediately achieve comfort with each other.

We go to our hotel room, and make love immediately. We talk and laugh until the pizza arrives. We eat the pizza, while drinking orange crush. We make love again, followed by more laughing and talking.

The following morning, we go to waffle house, and enjoy our breakfast, while laughing with the waitresses. We then do some shopping, and pick out an engagement ring for her. I proposed to her, and she thankfully said yes, quite confidently.

We then go back to our hotel room, make love, and talk and laugh some more. We then head to outback steakhouse for an early dinner.

We continue to make the waitresses laugh there, and we shared some ice cream there, dripping with chocolate sauce. We head back to our hotel room, make love, and talk and laugh some more.

Sunday morning consisted of making love a few times, when not laughing and talking. She left this day, so we held each other quite a bit. I miss her deeply now, and await the next time we are together.

Talk about a perfect weekend......

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