Friday, January 20, 2012

The Value Of A Handwritten Note VIII

Recently, I began a relationship with a wonderful woman, who unfortunately lives a few hundred miles away from me right now. Presently, I stay at a Salvation Army with other military homeless veterans. this girl and I are able to speak on the phone, and chat on this site.

But my feelings for her go beyond these methods of communication. So, I began hand writing her letters, and I send these with a card in what is now referred to as snail mail.

I view this method of intimate communication at times a very under utilized form of sharing thoughts and feelings with another. I have not wrote letters in this way since high school, which was well before the advent of the internet.

In these letters I write to this amazing girl, I find myself sharing emotions more completely than sharing them in another way. I share my life with her, and I'm very thankful I'm able to do this with her. Here is one of those letters I sent to her, and I will continue to write her in this way as often as I can and wish:

Hi baby,

I'm at the City Diner now, which is a few blocks from where I live. The food here is pretty good and they serve beer. In fact, I'm drinking a beer now. And, I think I' m getting a turkey club and some fries.

My friend Patrick is missing in action again. He was in the hospital for mental issues for over a week. Another friend of mine spoke with Patrick yesterday, and he was partying with the wrong people at some casino.

He will likely have to find another place to live, and there are not too many other decent shelters in the city. Patrick is totally out of control, and he won't accept help from his friends. Another friend of mine, an older white guy named Rob, relapsed recently and he is now in detox. He will likely loose his job due to this.

Most of my friends at the Salvation Army are older black men and many of them cannot read or write very well. I've helped a few of them with resumes and cover letters -- things like that.

Many of these friends are overweight due to their inactivity. The idea with staying at the Salvation Army is to move forward in some way. Many that stay here are just idle and happy they have a place to stay. Their apathy about their lives us unfortunate.

Are u looking forward to our next weekend together? Somehow, I feel it will be better than our last weekend together. Thankfully, we have continued to talk a lot with each other since our last,weekend together. So I feel we are very comfortable with each or her. We have a lot of trust between us, I believe.

It's a very nice day here today-it's sunny and about 60 degrees outside. So, I enjoyed my walk here. I have to walk a few miles to see my probation officer. The walking I do in the city is very good for me, I think.

Eventually, I believe we will be able to be self sufficient. I think we have a lot of energy between each other.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to 18 days from now. Thank you for being in my life now, and I love and miss you, very much,


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