Sunday, January 8, 2012

Here Is My Resume

Dan Abshear

1 Sunset Lane

St. Peters, MO 63376

Phone: 314-286-3220


Educational Accomplishments*:

1990 to 1992 Associate in Arts, Columbia

1992 to 1995 Bachelor of Arts, Behavioral Health Sciences, Columbia.

*Self financed, with an average GPA of 3.4

Summary of Vocational Experience:

For a period spanning three decades, I have been involved in various health care settings in a large variety of medically related functions that have benefited the medical community, which has included clinical experience that has varied widely for over a decade. This was followed with successfully promoting and progressing the growth and utilization of numerous medical products to health care professionals.

Vocational Experience:

2008 to Present: Freelance writing for a variety of organizations internationally.

2007 to 2008 Cornerstone Biopharma Marketing Consultant:

- Launched Allerx for allergic rhinitis during this time

- Doubled the market share of Spectracef for various types of infections

- Involved in marketing functions and the training of others

- Initiated and revised training protocols for new employees

2001 to 2007 Novartis Pharmaceuticals Specialty Sales Consultant:

- Consistently in the top ten percent of the region as a cardiometabolic representative for Novartis.

- Doubled the market share of Starlix, a diabetes medication, in a period of only 6 months upon accepting employment.

- Acquired several awards for the tremendous growth of the primary product responsible during this time, which was Diovan, for hypertension and heart failure.

- For teamwork and leadership demonstration often and consistently, I was selected to lead 10 Novartis representatives in the assigned territory to follow marketing directives and market budget spend.

- Superior annual performance reviews yearly when employed by Novartis for the exceptional ability noted above, which further included the implementation of the development of key opinion leaders and designed peer selling functions of these products at various locations.

1999 to 2001 Pharmacia Corporation Institutional Representative:

- Ranked number one in a six state district for exceeding market share for Zyvox, which was a newly launched antibiotic for medical institutions.

- In an 83 institutional representative team, I was ranked number one for the tremendous market increase for the drug Pletal, which is a drug for intermittent claudication.

- Received an award trip to Puerto Rico followed by relocation to a greater metropolitan area due to such achievements, along with other awards for additional outstanding performance.

- Secured hospital formulary status for promoted products often.

1996 to 1999 Merck and Company Professional Representative:

- Consistently ranked in the top ten percent in the region for enhancing the growth of Cozaar for hypertension

- Successfully launched two medications, which were Maxalt for migraines and Vioxx for those patients experiencing certain types of pain and inflammation.

- Was consistently noted for speaker development for these products noted and creating impactful educational events utilizing these speakers.

- Created a protocol for implementing such educational functions.

1990 to 1995 Tenet Healthcare Corporation Account Manager:

- Assigned in a multi-physician Urology office and provided doctors

with etiological information that facilitated the diagnosis and effectiveness of their patients’ therapeutic regimens.

- Participated in the promotion of their practices as well- which included prostate screenings, incontinence clinic operations, and other market growth functions related to the specialty. Also, negotiated a ten percent pay increase during a period of staff reduction. Account was managed by me for Tenet Healthcare and primarily involved direct patient care while managing these clients.

- Member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

1984 to 1990 U.S.M.C. and U.S.N. Hospital Corpsman (Medic):

- Assessed, diagnosed and treated a wide variety of disease states.

- Obtained numerous certifications and medical training opportunities

that allowed me to acquire exceptional ability and knowledge which

enhanced my clinical talents.

Skill Sets Possibly Relevant to Your Organization:

Ability to work in a matrix team environment

Performance driven

Notable negotiator and communicator for impact

Entrepreneurial talents demonstrated

Achieve consistently all objectives and desired results

Extensive medical and health care business knowledge

Catalyst for transforming strategy into action

Apply objectives to goals

Acquire credibility through integrity and honesty

Completely satisfy client needs with enthusiasm

Generate revenue with products promoted.

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