Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Love Letter

Today, I received a hand written letter from the new and final love of my life, Carol, as well as some treats and candy from her, along with a card. Recently, I got a job and a better place to stay, and the love of my life is very happy about that. I live with other guys now, so Carol made us some cookies and brownies.

She and I met on this site, and we finally got together for two days of heaven, a couple of months ago. I proposed to her those two days we had, and she thankfully said yes. Unfortunately, Carol lives a few hundred miles away from me now.

Thankfully, however, we are able to chat and speak every day, which we do often. I never thought I would find a girl who actually loves me. With the exception of one girl from my youth, the rest I feel did not love me in any way that I could detect. Here is what she wrote me, and my heart is warmed by the words she shared with me here:

Hey Honey,

Just a little something coming your way to share with your buddies to brighten up this dismal holiday. I tried to fit into the box, but no more room for me. I am so elated about the good opportunities finally coming your way. You of all people deserve it.

Life rolls on in mysterious ways, but I absolutely love it is rolling for us. I love you, honey, and how I wish I could be celebrating the holidays together, but our time will happen eventually. Take care and know that I will always be here for you.

Yours forever,


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