Sunday, January 8, 2012

Her Words To Me

The following is a letter from my fiancee, I just received in the mail today, with a bunch of candy. I never dreamed I would ever have a girl love me as much as Carol does. She warms my soul, with the words she shares with me:

Hello honey,

Look at that! I am writing you a letter. I felt like expressing myself better than I have. I am so happy we are together Dan, but the thoughts I have about you touching me come strong, so I am sorry if I sound a bit anxious about our situation.

It's that I love you more than I have expressed to you, and sometimes my feelings take over. I am being a bit selfish, but when someone like you comes into my life unexpectedly........ Sometimes I can't control myself.

I never met anyone like you. I seriously thought that was it for me, and then you entered my life, and showed me that it's not over. I cherish every text message and phone call that we make, or I should say send to each other. The thought of you triggers strong and happy feelings of euphoria throughout my body and soul.

It's a great feeling- knowing someone like you cares and loves me. For years, I have been wondering around this life. then, you find me, and rescue me from a life that I thought would be a life of being alone. I don't know what or who brought us together, but somehow they knew we belong together.

I know we will one day be together in the flesh. When I see you, I will probably break down and cry like a baby. I have never cried so many happy tears for someone as I have cried for you. In a way, I think that was what I needed to do. I have held so much in me for too long.

I dreamed all my life to have someone like you to share the rest of my days with. And now, we do. I don't look back on my life to see what I didn't have. I am looking forward to what we have now, and life looks very promising for us. I love you Dan, and I thank you for make me the happiest I have ever felt in my 49 yeas of life.

We are with each other till the end,


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