Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Value Of A Handwritten Note IV

Recently, I began a relationship with a wonderful woman, who unfortunately lives a few hundred miles away from me right now. Presently, I stay at a Salvation Army with other military homeless veterans. this girl and I are able to speak on the phone, and chat on this site.

But my feelings for her go beyond these methods of communication. So, I began hand writing her letters, and I send these with a card in what is now referred to as snail mail. I view this method of intimate communication at times a very under utilized form of sharing thoughts and feelings with another. I have not wrote letters in this way since high school, which was well before the advent of the internet.

In these letters I write to this amazing girl, I find myself sharing emotions more completely than sharing them in another way. Here is one of those letters I sent to her, and I will continue to write her in this way as often as I can and wish:

Hi Honey,

I think you are shopping with Julia right now, so I feel like writing you.

Scott and Kevin, two older white dudes, are on the computers now and I'm watching the movie" The Thing"once again. There is a cute girl in the movie, so.....

Earlier, I got some cards to mail you, as well as some soda, candy, and ramen noodles. It's nice having a little bit of cash on me now. Also, I got some smokes and crackers.

I enjoyed my walk to Walgreens. I got to do some people watching, and I got some exercise. And, I looked good out in public-I had the sport coat you and I bought on over a burgundy sweatshirt , and jeans. Because of the way I normally dress, no one really knows I am homeless.

My daughter continues to avoid contacting me, parental alienation at its finest. I wrote her at least once a week, for two years, after her mother decided to show her true colors. I no longer write her and will have to wait until she is older for her to discover and realize the truth about her mother. I think I'm able to better tolerate the pain of her absence now.

Your cocaine stories are both very sad, and very interesting. I can't imagine the pain you experienced then, on a few different levels. After hearing your story, I fully understand why your ex treats you the way he does now. I'm very glad he cares about you.

We were at Outback Steakhouse five weeks ago. I think we made love after that.

I can actually feel you, when we speak on the phone. So please keep calling as often as you want. I love your voice and your laugh.

I want us to remain engaged, Carol. We definitely belong together. In time, I promise I'll be up there with you in some way. I think my employer has an operation in Milwaukee so I'll work on that. But you are the defintely the only one for me.

Thanks for talking to me so much every day. If I ever discover something I don't like about you, I'll let you know. But so far, you are perfect. I love you very much, D

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