Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Value Of A Handwritten Note V

Recently, I began a relationship with a wonderful woman, who unfortunately lives a few hundred miles away from me right now. Presently, I stay at a Salvation Army with other military homeless veterans. this girl and I are able to speak on the phone, and chat on this site.

But my feelings for her go beyond these methods of communication. So, I began hand writing her letters, and I send these with a card in what is now referred to as snail mail. I view this method of intimate communication at times a very under utilized form of sharing thoughts and feelings with another. I have not wrote letters in this way since high school, which was well before the advent of the internet.

In these letters I write to this amazing girl, I find myself sharing emotions more completely than sharing them in another way. I share my life with her, and I'm very thankful I'm able to do this with her. Here is one of those letters I sent to her, and I will continue to write her in this way as often as I can and wish:

Hi baby,

It's Friday afternoon, and I'm speaking with Patrick, and waiting for my boss to call. Patrick is about 10 years older than me, and still uses drugs. He makes it quite clear that he lives here because he is homeless and not to get treatment for drug use. At least he is honest, and he is fairly entertaining. Like me, he is white, and generous with what he has to give.

It's now Saturday afternoon, and I think you may be sleeping. And I really wish I was sleeping with you. I experienced a lot of needed comfort and peace, when we were together. It was very easy for me to trust you, and enjoy you completely. And you seemed to really trust me, during our time together. Thank you for knowing that I would not harm you.

I write you in pencil now so I don't smear ink as I write to you. It's a problem us left handers have, making a mess occasionally. But we are often very smart and creative, so it all balances out in the end.

You are opening presents now, and I hope you get a lot of cool stuff. I really never was that much into Christmas, so I am cool just hanging out with the boys. Right now, the movie "Vulture City" is playing, and I'm watching this with Marvin, Kenny, and Scott. Kenny is notorious for getting these B movie DVDs. Although we did watch "King Kong" a few nights ago.

It's Christmas day now, and I'm glad I've been chatting with you all morning. I'm now waiting for you to call. Spending my days and nights with you this way gives me a lot of happiness, I was often lonely, before you came into my life. It's very nice sharing my life with you now.

St Patrick's has a work program where I can work at MacMurphy's grill for a few months, at minimum wage. I'm gonna try and do that, so I can save some money to see you again. I'm disappointed about my job, but there is nothing I can do about this. I'll continue to look for a real job when I am doing this.

It's Sunday afternoon, and you are with your family now. I hope your time with them today is somewhat enjoyable. And I am going to go mail this letter and card to you now.

You are in my thoughts, and in my heart, Carol. Thank you for being in my life now. We will speak soon, and I love you very much. "D"

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