Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Value Of A Handwritten Note II

Recently, I began a relationship with a wonderful woman, who unfortunately lives a few hundred miles away from me right now. Presently, I stay at a Salvation Army with other military homeless veterans. this girl and I are able to speak on the phone, and chat on this site.

But my feelings for her go beyond these methods of communication. So, I began hand writing her letters, and I send these with a card in what is now referred to as snail mail. I view this method of intimate communication at times a very under utilized form of sharing thoughts and feelings with another. I have not wrote letters in this way since high school, which was well before the advent of the internet.

In these letters I write to this amazing girl, I find myself sharing emotions more completely than sharing them in another way. Here is one of those letters I sent to her, and I will continue to write her in this way as often as I can and wish:

Sunday Night

Hi Honey,

Others are using the computer right now so I thought I'd write you another letter.

It sucks I'm not working yet. I'm very glad I got this job, but this delay means it will be that much longer to see you again. Hopefully, I'll hear from my boss this week.

I'm sorry about the phones here. At times, I ask you to call me not knowing another is using the phone. I need to buy some minutes to activate it again sometime.

I'm glad I have a place to stay, but community living sucks. The biggest complaint I have is the noise early in the morning. Some of the guys here sleep during the day, due in part to the fucked up drugs prescribed to them that sedate them. As a result, they get up in the middle of the night, and make alot of noise. They are not very considerate at all. I have ear plugs that help block out this noise a little bit.

I miss a lot about you, but I particularly miss holding you nest to me. I miss feeling your breath, and your warmth.

I will have to face legal issues in the future. Anything could happen, as I face these issues. Just contact those people, it I ever end up in jail. And I will write you, if that ever happens. Nothing really scares me these days. Anyway, I'll continue to chat with you online as long as I can. And I hope to continue to talk with you on the phone at least once a day. Thank you for keeping me company in these extremely long days.

I'm very happy we are together, and I love you very much.


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