Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Letter To My Fiancee, Carol

Wednesday afternoon Hi Baby, The computer room is closed this afternoon, so I thought I'd write you. I've missed writing you this way, so I hope you don't mind. This is another way for me to share my thoughts and feelings with you. Today I had another perfect day with you. And, I loved doing lunch with you today. The food was great and it was very comfortable there with you today. Don't ask me why but I loved watching you eat chocolate cake. The beer I had there was also good. I had not had a beer in months. So the whole time with you there was very relaxing for me. I am also glad the waitress took pictures of us there. So after you dropped me off today, I tried to take a nap but I was not really tired. So, I went to the Walgreens here and got some cards to mail to you, with these letters I now write you once again. While there, I didn't get anything else besides the cards. Right now, I still have the soda and crackers you got me so I'm good. Presently I am in the T.V. room here. The guys are watching some movie I do not recognize. There really is not much to do here. There is a small library here, so I can read some books from there if I want to do this. And, I can also write when there is not much to do here, which I do often at times. Again, I'm very glad I got all that money from my parents. Selling the truck I gave them last summer was a very good idea. The money from that I gave you is yours, but do use some of it to get us a hotel room for our weekend together on May 5th, which was my wedding anniversary, so it's all good. Right now, I still have over 200.00 dollars on me, which is more than enough to get me what I may want or need here, in the future. It's amazing the many guys here who do absolutley nothing during their days here. Myself, I'm on the computers here often, but at least I'm doing something. Many guys here sleep during the day, often due to the many drugs they do take. Right now, I'm one of the few people here who take no drugs. In fact, I'll never take drugs of any kind ever again. The do more harm than good. Earlier today I loved buying you that Dryhootch shirt. It looks really good on you, and it represents all the time we've spent there so far. Needless to say, I really love spending time with you there, Carol. Thank you for all of these great memories you are giving me. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to the Christina building again to volunteer. I really like going to that place a couple of mornings every week. While there, I get to drink free coffee, and help older people who go there to get free food. It's good to get away from this place for awhile, as it is good when you come here during the week, and rescue me. It was my hope I would see you this often, when I moved here, about 3 months ago. So moving here was a very good decision I made- perhaps the best ever. Ok--I'm going go mail this letter now. Thank you for letting me hand write you once again. I love you very much and we'll speak soon, Your Honey

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